Hi, my name is Brandon Mimms, I am currently 18 years old and have just received my high school diploma and my certificate for the high skills major in business from A.N. Myer Secondary High School. I am currently starting my first year of college at Niagara College and will be taking Sales and Marketing. I have been working for a company in Stoney Creek named Baffin and I have worked their for four years now. Baffin is a company that creates and distributes boots and winter apparel and this year I have just recently been promoted to their office where I work in the marketing department. I have created and promoted videos for Baffin's sister company, Pur footwear. Posting videos on YouTube and created Twitter accounts is only a small portion of the work I do at Baffin and shows some of the computer skills I have. Baffin is a great starter company for me and I hope to one day become head of a marketing department. I always know about newest technology coming out and have many different ideas to put forward to better your company!


Jul 8, 2012
@ 10:19 am